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Gloucester County ASA

Promoting the development of ALL aquatic disciplines throughout the Gloucester County area


Gloucester County ASA Officers - 2019/20

President  (2018/20) Mr. Brian Armstrong
President-Elect (2020/22) N/A
Hon Secretary Mr. Keith Smith
Hon Treasurer Mr. Brian Guy
Synchronised Swimming Manager Mr. Ian Stuart
Water Polo Manager Mr Colin Hunt
Swim Officials Manager Mr. Neil Harper
Open Water Manager Dr. Brian Armstrong
Masters Manager Dr. Brian Armstrong
Swimming Manager N/A
Disability Manager Vacant
Trophy Controller Mr Colin Hunt
ASASWR Swimming Committee Rep Mr Andy Osborne
ASASWR Synchro Committee Rep Mr. Ian Stuart
ASASWR Water Polo Committee Rep Mr. John Spicer
ASASWR Masters Committee Rep Dr. Brian Armstrong
ASASWR Open Water Committee Rep Dr. Brian Armstrong
Hon Legal Advisor N/A
Welfare Officer Ms. Rachel Roberts
Swimming Age Group and Championships Manager Mrs. Sara Part
Rules Committee Mr. Herbie Adams
Rules Committee Mrs. Sheila Bryant
Emergency Committee (Treasurer) Mr. Brian Guy
Emergency Committee (President Elect) N/A
Emergency Committee (Secretary) Mr. Keith Smith
Emergency Committee (President) Mr. Brian Armstrong
Emergency Committee (Elected) Mrs. Sheila Bryant
Emergency Committee (Elected) Ms. Rachel Roberts
Emergency Committee (Substitute 1) Mr. Gerald Staddon